We answer all your frequent questions


It is expensive to buy traffic?
Publited works as a bid impression system.
You can choose how much want to pay for every impression.
My conversions are low. What can I do?
The best option will be contact with your Account Manager to recheck the configuration options and change it if were necessary.
How long takes approve a campaign?
Usually it takes less than 24 hours
Why I get low traffic?
It could be because we have a bid system, so the advertiser who pay more for the impression will get that user.
Or maybe there aren't much traffic for the chosen segmentation.
Can I ask a refund?
Of course, you can get the remaining money when you want it.
What Ad Formats do you have?
We have pop-under for desktop and mobile traffic and interstitial for mobile too.
How much is the minimum deposit?
What segmentation options do you have?
You can segment by operating systems, browser, language, device, day, hour, etc.
How do you prevent fraud?
Our technology filters any anomalous behaviour, robots and fake traffic.


What is Publited and how it works?
We are an AdNetwork that allows you earn money with the mobile or desktop visitors of your web from any country.
What Ad Formats do you have and how I place it on my site?
We offer Pop Under for desktop & mobile traffic, also we have a mobile interstitial.
Install our tag in your web is very easy, you only have to copy the code from the control panel and paste it on your web.
Can I work with other companies at the same time as Publited?
Yes, no problem, we don't demand exclusivity, in addition we are completely compatible with others companies.
What kind of sites do you accept?
Any website that hasn't relation with politics, religion, hacking or illegal contents.
Why I can’t view pop ads on my site?
Maybe you have reached the maximum limit impressions by day.
You can change the configuration in your account.
Other possibility is that our tag is generating a conflict in your web. If that happens, contact us.
Why my eCPM is low during the weekend?
Many advertisers stop their campaigns during the weekend.
Can I use my earnings as publisher to become an advertiser?
Sure, no problem.
Do you have a control panel to view stats?
Yes, with your login you will able to view your statistics, tickets, payments, etc.
There is any manual to know the steps to follow?
No, the platform is very easy, but if you have any doubt, you always can contact with your Account Manager.
How much is the minimum to get paid?
€15 by Paypal and Payoneer. €500 by bank wire.
What are the payment methods?
Paypal, Payoneer & Bank wire